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Ionithermie Business Opportunity

Since its launch over thirty years ago, IONITHERMIE BODY CONTOURING has become one of the most well-known and popular body treatments in spas, salons, clinics and cruise ships throughout the world.             

  • Immediate, sustainable, results
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Re-mineralizes
  • Clinically-proven
  • Uses Galvanic & Faradic Stimulation
  • Uses algae and a conductive, thermal masque 
  • All natural products, tested by dermatologists
  • Treatments are clean & easy to perform
  • Set-up costs are affordable
  • Requires no dedicated space in the salon
  • No injections are required


Results Body Sculpting, LLC

In 2017, Results Body Sculpting, LLC partnered with the International Ionithermie Distributor for the United States.  Results Body Sculpting is now the exclusive sales and training office for the U.S. Call us now for a free, no obligation consultation so we can demonstrate how Ionithermie will work for you and your clients.        


Ionithermie Home Care Products are designed to enhance and continue the results of clinic treatments, or be used on their own for visible results. All of the Home Care products include active ingredients, so you continue getting the benefits of Ionithermie treatments every day in the  comfort of your home.